In a Nutshell

By definition, processing is performing a series of mechanical operations on something in order to change or preserve it. A simple definition for something that we invest and improve on every year! Each step from when the nut arrives, to when it leaves is monitored and maintained daily.

Standard Processing Practice

Washing, drying, sizing, shelling, and sorting make up a large portion of the processing of hazelnuts. We strive to minimize loss and maximize quality. We constantly maintain and upgrade our equipment to keep up our high standards.

How We're Unique

Cascade Foods has no value-added products i.e. butter, oil, retail, etc. Therefore we will never be competing directly with our customers.


After years of perfecting roasting hazelnuts, we have become known for their delicious and consistent flavor. Our proprietary roasting process brings back repeat business year after year.

Hazelnut trees can produce to over 100 years of age.