We strive to produce & process the best quality, safest, and most cost competitively priced product in the industry. The sustainability and health benefits of hazelnuts make us proud to be a part of this industry. Our culture is one of equally valuing our suppliers, employees and customers. We are not flashy, we keep our heads down and humbly try to do the best job we can and let the product speak for itself.

Our Vision

As advocates of the industry, we strive to shine light on all of the uses and benefits that Oregon hazelnuts— conventional and organic— have to offer. Our partnerships with growers provide a stable, financially viable processing and marketing option for their hazelnuts. We work tirelessly to be the most efficient, safe, and quality-oriented processor for our consumers.

Our History

Founded in 1987, Cascade Foods has become a trusted supplier of processed hazelnuts for the domestic and international markets. Our operation began by solely processing in-shell hazelnuts. Today, we provide the industry with shelling, roasting, dicing, and cold storage of one of Oregon’s most prized agricultural crops. For over 30 years, we’ve understood that actions speak louder than words and to this day, we continue to work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our customers, growers, and partners.

Oregon hazelnut acreage has increased from an estimated 28,000 acres in 2007 to over 80,000 acres in 2020.