Breathe in a deep inhale. If you are in Albany Oregon, chases are you can smell the sweet smell of hazelnuts being grown in the fields. Then they are off to Cascade Foods a hazelnut processor, although it might be a company you have never heard of. If that is the case, let’s introduce you. Cascade Foods is a respected organization we could all benifit from becoming familiar with.

Albany, Oregon, is home for Cascade Foods one of Oregon’s hazelnut processor and growers. They invest heavily in research in order to provide a variety of quality hazelnut products. They take pride in each of their product lines. As one of the largest hazelnut processors in the United States, their state-of-the-art facility gives them the ability to not only process but complete very large orders.

Cascade Foods are pleased to be is one of the largest hazelnut processor in the world as the are able to successfully ship and process hazelnuts to both their domestic and foreign customers. As, one of Oregon’s hazelnut processors, their corporation invests in research to understand the hazelnut processing, crop growing an each environment in which it growsn in.

As a consumer we are able to create so many things with the delicious flavor and creamy texture of Oregon grown hazelnut. Oregon hazelnut processor and farmers are growing and farming the world’s best hazelnuts. Oregon’s produces 99 percent of the hazelnut harvest the US consumes. They grow these on nearly 1,000 family farms.