Are you looking for the best hazelnuts growers? If yes, then don’t look beyond Cascade Foods. We have a legacy for the best quality hazelnuts on the market. The sustainability and health benefits of hazelnuts make to be proud members of this industry.

We are not flashy but humbly put our heads down and hands dirt to ensure you get the best hazelnut foods on the market. We partner with the best hazelnut growers from around the world to ensure a smooth process of growing, harvesting, storing, processing and marketing.

Hazelnuts growers products are of the best quality and speak for themselves.

How it works

At hazelnuts growers, we consider ourselves advocates of the hazelnut industry. Our partnership starts with connecting with hazelnut growers across the world. We fill an important gap between the grower and the consumers. Our partnership with hazelnut growers provides stable and financially viable processing of hazelnut. We also provide a marketing option for hazelnuts.

Our vision is to work tirelessly and ensure efficient hazelnut food movement on the market. Hazelnuts growers system is efficient in ensuring safe and high-quality hazelnut products on the market.

Our history

We are not new on the market having served hazelnut growers and customers for over 30 years. Our operations began by solely processing in-shell hazelnuts. However, our services have diversified over the years. We are now the industry leaders in hazelnut roasting, dicing, and shelling. Our services also expand to hazelnut cold storage to preserve the growers’ value.

Our support to growers

We remain the largest hazelnut processors in the United States providing large-scale hazelnut users with premium and ethically sourced hazelnuts. We have state-of-the-art processing facilities to meet customer demands promptly.

Our Company provides convenient receiving locations to reduce growers travel expenses. Besides, we provide hazelnut growers with excellent resources to enhance their work. We have a nut grower society, a marketing board, extensions service, and provide statistics on hazelnuts.

All this is aimed at promoting the growers and ensuring we maintain and sustain hazelnut production.