Healthy Hazelnuts From The 3rd Largest Growing Region In the World
Oregon hazelnuts grown by Cascade Foods are located in the third-largest growing region in the world. Oregon State University provides research to help farmers grow healthy and sustainable crops for customers. They imported wasps to control aphids on the plants to eliminate the need for chemical sprays.

Healthy Oregon hazelnuts are grown and processed in many forms. We have whole kernel hazelnuts in raw and roasted form. They are delicious for snacking, adding to desserts, roasting with added spices and chocolate.

Roasted hazelnuts are packed after undergoing a special roasting process. These roasted nuts make tasty snacks and mixed with other nuts or granola. In the shell, hazelnuts are a special delicacy that often the Chinese eat for New Year’s. Shelled hazelnuts will last about 4 to 6 months in the refrigerator or on the shelf.

Cascade Farms sell diced hazelnuts for baking bread, grinding into flour, or making candy. Using diced hazelnuts, in recipes saves you time and prep work. We sell certified organic hazelnuts too. They are harvested in the fall by machines that sweep them up and vacuum them into the machine. Cascade Farms has partnered with local farmers and growers.

Oregon hazelnuts are used in baked goods like cookies, pies, breads, and tarts. They can be used in pasta dishes, pizza, salads, and as a coating on meats or chicken. Healthy Oregon hazelnuts have many health benefits and are sold in the United States and other countries. Visit the Cascade Foods website to learn more about the hazelnuts sold.