Cascade is a local, sustainable grocery store in Portland, Oregon, operating since 2013. It is a good source of healthy food and products made by small businesses and fresh flowers and veggies from the surrounding region.

The store has grown in recent years, opening new locations, including one in nearby Beaverton, which opened on March 1st. Cascade also recently celebrated its third anniversary with an outdoor market and fun dance party for its customers.

Cascade Foods strives to be a store that is a good fit for its community while providing quality, healthy food and products. The store has come up with various ideas to make it feel special. One idea that they have used is recycled goods, both in the store and in their packaging (the brand “Cascade” was created using reclaimed wood).


The store offers groceries like fruit, vegetables, milk and eggs, and prepared foods like soups, sandwiches and pasta salads from local vendors such as Barrio Cafe or Ed’s Easy Diner.

Cascade also sells flowers and plants and supplies for home decor, arts and crafts, and more. Some of their plants come from local suppliers like Pioneer Pacific Floral and Greens. They also sell live seafood like oysters, mussels and trout.
Cascade also offers a delivery service.

Raw Hazelnuts

Cascade also sells raw hazelnuts for an affordable price. Many stores sell the raw hazelnuts for much more.
Cascade will soon be offering their raw hazelnuts butter and milk, certified by the Raw Food Institute. They are also planning to offer their raw hazelnuts milk punch shortly at their Beaverton store.