Cascade Foods, one of the largest hazelnut suppliers in the United States, is proud of our legacy as the hazelnut supplier of choice. Hazelnuts are not only delicious but are a versatile food that is packed with nutrition, and our vision is to make processing and marketing hazelnuts a sustainable, affordable endeavor. With our dedication to a strong work ethic and high-quality, ethically sourced organic and conventionally grown Oregon hazelnuts, we back our mission with an excellent product coupled with excellent service.

Our guarantee is backed by more than thirty years of experience as an outstanding hazelnut supplier. In the decades since our founding in 1987, Cascade Foods has grown from a processor of solely in-shell hazelnuts to an international hazelnut supplier providing all manner of hazelnut packing and processing at our state-of-the-art processing center. We provide hazelnuts in-shell, raw, roasted, and diced, providing the opportunity to showcase all the flavor and texture hazelnuts can add to food.

Through community efforts and multiple convenient receiving stations for our growing partners, Cascade Foods supports Pacific Northwest farmers and our local economy. Through research and engaging in advanced sustainability practices, we support not only the growth of our crops but also the health of our environment. Our multiple industry certifications demonstrate our constant efforts to maintain the highest level of health and safety.

Our belief in simple hard work and straightforward business practices allows us to stay focused on our goal to bring the best hazelnuts in the world to the market at competitive prices. If you are looking for a reliable hazelnut supplier, you can count on Cascade Foods.